True manliness

There are many issues in society that are looming – sexual harassment is one of them. 

Certainly, there are those who could benefit from deep self-examination and re-evaluation of the concept of respect, but the media tends to forget about the abundant and innate good that exists in men (and women). Here are pictorial examples of men expressing integrity, gentleness, kindness, joy, love, thoughtfulness, compassion. These are qualities that support strength and courage and true manhood.


teaching at the beach '93

Panther Club 1

Don and Diane on horseback adj

Jenn driving Uncle Chucks tractor 1996

Don and Susan backpack


Dad and Sue '70

Lex and Gary 3


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  1. Jessica Russo says:

    So important to remember, true manhood expresses Love, and therefore Principle. And we can express our true manhood in how we listen to the news.


    1. Susan Boyd says:

      Thank you for your comments. I agree.


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