They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But even a thousand pictures cannot adequately capture the grandeur and magnificence of Tanzania. Though it is impossible to fully convey the extraordinary experience of visiting Tanzania, I know that if I don’t try I will dishonor the wonder of that journey. So, let’s step into this land which cries out for limitless adjectives. First, the wildlife.

lion and lioness good both eyes

g closeup really good

e splashing head on good

chetah good one
z and baby in lake
“Mom, I think someone’s taking our picture.”

Three giraffes good

water buffalo 4
Water Buffalo
m leopard
m black faces money w baby
Black Faced Monkey

lion in sunrise


m Best Baboon cropped
jackel w zebras
Jackal amongst the Zebra
happy hippo
Content Hippopotamus

good lion 2

g baby g drinking good
Young Giraffe

e single head on very good

caracal 1
Caracal. It is very rare to spot one of these beautiful cats. They are the typically nocturnal and rarely observed. They are territorial and live mainly alone or in pairs. The caracal is a carnivore that typically preys upon small mammals, birds and rodents. It can leap higher than 3 m (9.8 ft) and catch birds in mid-air.
chetahs real good
hyena 1
jackel good
black rhinos 1
Rhinoceros. This photo was taken at a distance of nearly a mile away. We never saw the Rhinos up close. During the last half of the 20th century, their numbers were severely reduced from an estimated 70,000 in the late 1960s to a record low of 2,410 in 1995. Since then, numbers have been steadily increasing at a continental level with numbers doubling to 4,880 by the end of 2010. Current numbers are however still 90% lower than three generations ago.
gazelle 2 good
hyena in bush
Rock Agama (thanks Kate for the ID)
mongoose pack
secretary bird
Secretary Bird. See Ambrose, I WAS listening.
Topi 1
Topi. A type of antelope
wart hogs good
Warthogs. At the zoo, I always thought warthogs were just smelly and ugly. But having seen them in the wild, they have quite a lot of character and we enjoyed spotting them with their tails sticking straight up as they pranced through the grass.
waterbuck good
e baby good
Baby Elephant
lioness stalking wart hog 5
Lioness giving chase to a Warthog. I’m happy to say she did not make the kill. Apparently, she was just stretching her legs, because she could easily have caught her prey, but her heart was not in the chase. I was glad to not witness the kill.
mud bath good
Mud bath
pile of lion cubs closeup
lion cubs

lion 8 good




9 Comments Add yours

  1. Gary Boyd says:

    Enough with the denials. You are officially a photographer.


  2. Sarah Lilja says:

    Magnificent photos, Sue! Looks like a fantastic journey.


    1. Susan Boyd says:

      Thank you. It was


  3. Martha Moffett says:

    Thanks for sharing these magnificent photos! What a wonderful trip you and Jen had!!!


  4. Catherine Schendel says:

    Great pics, Sue!


  5. Sue Thompson says:

    You captured the beauty of Tanzania. I love all the unique photos and the baboon was so cute up in the tree doing the “walk like an Egyptian” pose. This cover photo was by far my favorite. I want to reach out and touch the soft fur on the bridge of his nose.


  6. Lianne Kaul says:

    Unbelievable! There’s never been any doubt in my mind that you were a photographer, and this is dramatic proof!


    1. Susan Boyd says:

      Thank you, that means a lot


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