In a Minnesota suburban YMCA I overheard a woman describe her trip to Alaska as “It’s just like Minnesota but with mountains.” She went onto convey the banality of the trip. I couldn’t believe my ears. Does this look like MN?

Mt. Denali, Alaska
Talkeetna, Alaska

Alaska is spectacular, as is Minnesota. There are similarities, but to compare the two as identical is traveling with your eyes closed.

Minnesota corn farm
Paddle boat on the Mississippi

What is the point of travel if its not to acknowledge and marvel at the unique beauty and diversity of our world? Travel, for me, is the opportunity to visually understand our fellow man. To see how landscapes have formed their perceptions. To experience something of their world in order to expand mine. To stand in awe of a world so spectacular that to see even just one small part of it is a privilege to be embraced and cherished.

I hope the woman in the locker room will have another chance to open her eyes to the magnificence of the world around her, even if it’s just in her own backyard.

Maple seeds in our own back yard

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  1. Gary Boyd says:

    A great photo editorial!


  2. Pete says:

    Though having traveled around the world
    during my 73 years walking life’s road

    It was Alaska my home of 20 years
    that allowed me the privilege
    of opening my cabin door each day
    and witnessing the handiwork of God.


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