Noises Off

I know I complain too often about the loud, obnoxious, offensive noises bombarding our every waking hour. I apologize. Noise has become so commonplace that most people accept it as a necessary part of life. I do not.

I have spent some time in quiet places. In fact, I seek out quiet places. My home is quiet. I seldom listen to music (I know, gasp! how can that be?) and I never have the TV or radio on for background noise.

My first recollection of hearing total silence occurred when I was about 10. My family and I walked to the edge of an escarpment in Colorado National Monument. It was sunset. There were no other cars. No airplanes overhead. No one was talking. Not even a whisper from the wind. We just sat and listened. 

CNM 14 adj

It’s very hard to find silence these days. There’s the furnace, the A/C, the dishwasher, washing machine, the computer, the cell phone, the lawnmower, the snowblower, etc. Gas stations bellow music, news and advertisements from the pumps. Airport gate areas broadcast news from video monitors, invariably from a channel with a distinct bias. Shopping malls have music in the common areas and audio advertisements at the location kiosks.  There is even music outdoors on the sidewalks.  Have you noticed?

But rather than my usual rant, I’ve decided to share evidence of quietness and peace; to depict serenity in a noisy world. I will post photos from time to time, so stop by occasionally for a moment of stillness.

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