So, Ireland

It seems visiting Ireland is on everyone’s to-do list. It was certainly on mine, but I wasn’t allowed to take one family member without taking the others and that never seemed quite do-able. So, when a brochure arrived in the mail offering a one-week trip to the “Wild Atlantic Way” with no single supplement fee, I decided to travel as a single along with an educational tour group.

I had a wonderful time. I found Ireland to be just as gorgeous as the travel brochure depicted, perhaps more so because the photos could not capture the pristine, emerald green, wild, harsh, wet, sparsely populated vastness of western Ireland.

We stayed in the town of Westport and traveled to various regions within a day’s drive: Galway, Cong, Sligo, Achill Island, and Connemara. I found Ireland to be charming, peaceful, and welcoming. They have a rich history which includes (and for which they are very proud) the stories of strong, independent women: Queen Maeve (Megalithic era), Grace O’Malley, the pirate queen (1530-1603), and recently, Mary Robinson.

So, here are a few of the highlights. Keep in mind, it rained every day so not too many sunny shots.

4 westport shop w flowers good

The town of Westport, Ireland

4 westport Ashling                  4 westport shops

12 Achill isl coast 3Achill Island

12 Achill boats 2

12 Achill isl lobster trapsRemains of one of Grace O’Malley’s castles near Achill Island

7 Foxford woolen mills yarn           7 Foxford woolen mills blankets

Foxmore Woolen Mills


8 sligo flowers on bridgeTown of Sligo

18 bike path 2Near Sligo

13 Croagh Patrick mtn w sunCrough Patrick (St. Patrick’s Mountain) on the way to Connemara


15 Cong 1                   14b clifden pub   14b clifden locals and gas pumpsNote the “gas station” on the left

14 connemara waterfallConnemara region

stream cropped14 Connemara scene 314 Connemara scene

14a Kylemore 1aKylemore Abbey

        15 stained glass 116Galway street

   Church stained glass in Cong                                                  Street scene in Galway


18 bike trip Sue     18 bike trip Barry 2









On our unscheduled day, me and my biking buddy took a spectacular 30-mile trail ride.

18 bike path good         18 bike path sheep and bridge18 bike path 118 bike path bridge 1

19 Goodbye rainbow

Ireland – truly a pot of gold

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  1. Gary Boyd says:

    Beautifully written and photographed!


  2. dlwilson1844 says:

    Fantastic pictures.


  3. Sheila Cain says:


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