Good Question

I just came across a question, “Who are you when no one is watching?” How many of us take time to answer that question?

Last year, I intentionally did not plan any trips after June knowing that our first grandchild would arrive in July. Uncertain of my new role as Grandma, I reserved all my time for embracing every moment with this new little one and discovering the joys of grand-parenthood.

September arrived, the parents returned to work and the baby was in the capable hands of an experienced daycare provider. At the same time, my husband’s workload increased to unreasonable proportions so what what were my options? Travel.

I called my favorite tour agency and asked, “Do you have any trips coming up in October?” “Well yes, we do. The Grand Danube Tour begins in Prague, Czechoslovakia, ends in Sofia, Bulgaria, visiting 5 countries in between.” I’d never been there, so I signed up. It was a great trip. Saw many incredible sights and met some lovely new friends. But travel is so much more than just sightseeing.

With each trip, I find unique opportunities for self-expression. Whether traveling single or with my best travel buddy, I discover a newness that speaks to my soul, and I get to respond in my own unique way without anyone else’s prejudice. I am constantly astonished by nature and marvel at human kindness. Traveling allows the opportunity to find out who I am when no one is looking. It’s like discovering a better version of my better self. It’s quite a wonderful experience. I hope you also have the chance to answer the opening question. You don’t have to go far, but you do have to be curious and watchful.

And now, here are some photos from the Grand Danube Tour through Central and Eastern Europe.

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  1. pedrol says:

    you had a great trip Susan, well done 🙂 it was really cool to read and see your photos, I liked specially Belgrade’s because it´s one of my favorite cities, i’ve been there many times 🙂 happy travels and read you soon! cheers from Portugal, PedroL


  2. Bill Gray says:

    I love your adventurous spirit.


  3. Bobbi McAdoo Gahlon says:

    WONDERFUL!!! ❤️

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.


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