I’ve had several people describe me as adventurous. That may be true, but I know for certain there are many types of adventures that I would never attempt under any circumstance. For instance, the activities listed on this site:

Nope, no cliff jumping, shark diving, or portaledging for me. So what constitutes an adventure for the average, completely un-dare devilish person? Here are some of the adventures that fill my soul with joy:

  • travel (of course)
  • visit a local park, or farm
  • bike
  • kayak
  • explore a National Park
  • visit a farmer’s market
  • visit an art fair
  • visit a zoo or museum
  • dance
  • fly a kite
  • pick fresh fruit
  • volunteer
  • take cooking class
  • go to the theater
  • explore local historic sites
  • escape rooms
  • host a theme party
  • camp in the living room
  • road trip for a day
  • photography something of beauty
  • try new recipe
  • feed a bear (not in the wild, please)
  • start a new hobby (kindness rock painting?)
  • read a book from a new genre

There are so many ways to be adventurous. Go right ahead and climb Mt Everest if you are so inclined.

But remember, sitting by the fire and reading a book can be an adventure. So go ahead, make your own list. How do you define Adventure?

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  1. Brian Boyd says:

    Very nice job sis! You have a calming affect. Keep it up!


  2. dlwilson1844 says:



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