Pandemic 2020 – week 12

What started out as an inconvenient challenge has become a touchstone for humanity. We have experienced the hoarding that has brought anguish to the neighbor with whom one may share tools, news, and advice, but not canned soup or cleaning products; the stress on the economy causing the closure of so many independent stores and restaurants and even some of the national chains; the online learning taking place after school closings that is not equally accessible for the poor due to the lack of internet service in low-income homes; the protestors claiming that the requirement to wear a mask over nose and mouth to protect others is a violation of individual rights; the political divide erupting between restoring the economy or saving lives. And in the midst of this turmoil, everyone is waiting for life to get back to normal.

Then, the murder of a black man by a Minneapolis police officer which has caused violent rioting and looting, destruction of property, some of which is now considered to be instigated by out-state white supremacist and organized crime. Many sections of Minneapolis and St. Paul have been burned to the ground. Stores, in otherwise peaceful neighborhoods, are boarded up as though in a war zone. Curfews have been issued. The full force of the Minnesota National Guard has been called to defuse the riots and consideration is being given to bringing in Federal National Guard. And again, the political dragon raises its head for glory and power, rather than humbly working with fellow decision-makers to bring peace to a city on fire.

A liquor store is burnt during protests near the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct, Thursday, May 28, 2020, in Minneapolis. Protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody Monday, broke out in Minneapolis for a third straight night. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Yet… In the midst of this raging fire, this earth-shattering tempest, and the foul winded politicians, there is a still, small voice of grace. The lawn sign that says “you are loved”; the hopeful messages written on the sidewalk in chalk; the people who, completely on their own initiative, take shovels, rakes, garbage bags, and cleansers to the ravaged parts of town to help with the cleanup and restoration; the corporations and individuals who have donated food, clothing, household essentials to those who are now homeless and hungry.

As riots in Minneapolis continue, a centre for low-income housing put out a call asking for food donations. This is how people responded. There was so much food it became a distribution centre for ANYONE who needed it. Humanity needs more of this 🌍 (Unsure of source for photo.)

Yes, this is a touchstone challenge. It is a time of discovering the purity of love, the unlimited extent of kindness, the certainty of unselfishness. Love is the master of hate. Love will not only reign supreme but it will bring healing and progress because that is the soul of mankind.

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  1. Bill Gray says:

    Lovely post, Susan


  2. dlwilson1844 says:

    Wonderful post very hopeful and uplifting.


  3. Darryl Willis says:

    Thank you for this, Susan. It strikes a chord. Unless we elect someone capable of leading the nation come November, I fear this will only get worse, despite calls for compassion.


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